Zoom stereo microscopes

Modern stereo microscope for delicate inspection and installation work. A microscope, which is equipped with a precise lens which corresponds entirely to modern quality requirements. A high-quality product with an outstanding price-performance ratio. With a zoom head, infinitely adjustable from 0.7x to 4.5x. The 45° inclined binocular tube can be rotated 360°. Both eyepieces are equipped with dioptre-adjustment dials. The scope of delivery includes eyecups. The 10x lens (also included in the scope of delivery) allows infinite magnification from 7x up to 45x. The 20x eyepiece pair and the 2x accessory lens allow a maximum magnification of up to 180x. With 3rd tube suitable for camera applications.

The advantages for you:

  • Up to maximum 180x zoom possible
  • Suitable for camera use


STREPPEL fibre optic light guides and STREPPEL halolux cold light sources are complemented as illumination components by the zoom stereo microscopes.

Compatible accessories

We have a wide range of accessories on offer for our zoom stereo microscopes:

10x/20x eyepiece
0.5x accessory lens
2x accessory lens
Camera adapter
halolux cold light source

halolux COLD LIGHT SOURCES are trendsetting, robust and durable. There are a number of different versions available:

  • LED
  • Halogen
  • Xenon
  • UV
  • Battery powered
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Fibre optic ring lights

Fibre optic ring lights offer shadow-free illumination. There are a number of different versions available.

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Swan neck light guides

The tough but flexible version swan neck light guides are self-supporting and direct the light precisely onto the object.

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Workplace illumination

Workplace illumination increases the flexibility of your workplace. The additional, flexible power cable and the heavy base mean the workplace illumination can be positioned variably.

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LED illumination

LED illumination – forward-looking and cost-effective at the same time. High light intensity with low energy consumption and low heat development are decisive advantages.

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