Flexible ITI V5+ Endoscopes

Includes battery pack
Simple to us
With tungsten jacket

Precision processing and high-resolution CCD colour sensors – flexible ITI V5+ videoscopes guarantee outstanding images. The integrated 24 watt xenon lamp delivers sufficient light to make the minutest details, feathering and fissuring, deposits and corrosion visible thanks to the high visualisation quality. Perfect for inspection of motors, aircraft turbines, cast parts, heat exchangers and much more. Available in diameters of ∅ 6.0 mm and ∅ 8.0 mm; working lengths of 2,000 mm to 7,600 mm.

NEW: the patented PROTECHT® protection system from ITI redistributes excessive user force to a spring-loaded system to avoid damage to the Bowden cables.

Premium Quality: Mobile - Compact - Durable

  • Complete & compact system with 24 watt solarc lamp including A/C or D/C power source
  • High resolution, 6.5“ TFT LCD display
  • Integrated digital recorder for video or still photography stored on Compact Flash card
  • Digital zoom, image inversion, automatic/manual white balance
  • Endoscope tip with 4-way flexible articulation
  • Patented ITI-PROTECHT® Over-Torque Protection for articulating scopes
  • Tungsten braid assures maximum durability
  • Interchangeable heads in different lines of sight
  • Complete supplied in a Protective Explorer Transportation Case