Flexible Fibrescopes

Highly flexible with tungsten jacket
Endoscope tip can be angled in 4 directions

Flexible fibrescopes from ITI Instrument Technology, Inc., are ideal for the visual inspection of holes and channels with narrow entrances. Feathering and fissuring, corrosion and deposits are clearing visible thanks to the high visualisation quality. Ideal for inspection of motors, aircraft turbines, cast parts, heat exchangers and much more.
NEW: the patented PROTECHT® protection system from ITI Instrument Technology, Inc.

Available in diameters from ⌀ 3.0 mm to ⌀ 12.0 mm with different working lengths from 500 mm to 3,000 mm.


High resolution – durable – mobile

  • High resolution fiber bundles for an excellent image quality
  • Tungsten braid assures maximum durability
  • Endoscope tip with 2-way/4-way flexible articulation
  • Patented ITI-PROTECHT® Over-Torque Protection for articulating scopes
  • Tungsten braid assures maximum durability
  • Interchangeable heads in different lines of sight
  • Complete supplied in a Protective Carrying Case


Integrated illumination fibre in combination with high-performance STREPPEL cold light sources guarantees intensive and homogeneous illumination

    Compatible accessories

    We have a wide range of accessories available for the flexible ITI fibrescopes:

    halolux cold light sources

    To the cold light sources


    TV systems

    To the TV systems