Workplace illumination

STREPPEL workplace illuminations increase flexibility in your workplace. The 90 cm power cable enables free positioning independently of the halolux cold light source.
Work place illuminations are often used as vertical illuminations or for professional photography.
There are models available with 1, 2 and 3 arms. The individual arms are self-supporting, which prevents them from dropping down onto the object to be illuminated.
The light incidence can be set variably, with the light guidance remaining constant. Reflections or shadows can be generated depending on the setting. With a heavy base. Particularly suitable for microscope illumination, in toolmaking and mould making, but also in all installation work or for illuminating workplaces. A version with a switchable magnetic base instead of the heavy base is also available. Focus attachments and colour screens available as accessories.

The advantages for you:

  • Light incidence can be set variably
  • Constant light guidance
  • Flexible working possible

Compatible with all halolux COLD LIGHT SOURCES.

Focus attachment with 4 colour screens

Compatible accessories

We offer an extensive range of accessories for our workplace illumination systems:

halolux cold light sourse

COLD LIGHT SOURCES are trendsetting, robust and durable. There are a number of different versions available:

  • Halogen
  • Xenon
  • LED
  • UV
  • Battery powered
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